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EST. 2015

Hi! thank you for your interest. We provide carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning to most of the Inland Empire. 100% owner operated. We are an Honest company and have some of the best prices for a truck mount carpet cleaner. We use industry standard hot water extraction/ Steam cleaning. Our prices always include all the necessary chemicals for a thorough carpet cleaning, absolutely no hidden fees, and we don’t bait you with an incredible price, only to change it once we arrive at your home. Look us up on Yelp or google or Instagram for honest reviews and photos! @iecarpetcare


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Call, email, text now for a free quote. Use website code CLEANRUGS for 20% off the total quote or free pet treatment.



I’ll will do everything I can to make sure you are happy with my work. I will not try to sell you or recommend services you don't need. I will also keep my

prices reasonable for the quality of work I provide. As always, I do all of the cleaning, my assistants help me prepare cleaning solutions, prepare your home and 

set up the work space. I will never charge you extra for a deep, steam clean. Price will always be all inclusive. (Only additional fee service is Pet odor removal, if needed*)


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About Me

MY NAME IS ramiro


Established in 2015.

I started this business after working summers and part of college with my uncle, who owned a carpet cleaning business. I saw potential, even after I graduated from school, so I decided to save up and buy my own equipment. Took a few years to save up enough, and it's been rewarding.

I, the owner, will take care of your carpets, not an employee working on commission. Our yelp and google reviews are from our costumers, and I never ask anyone to leave me one, if they wrote one is because they felt they needed to share the experience they had. I always try to do right by people, so far, its worked. I have never payed any advertisement, strictly word of mouth.


Things we can't guarantee

There are a few things that we cannot clean, either due to possible fabric damage or discoloration, or are very time consuming and will not be practical to do.


They are a hit and miss, most times they do come out, or get smaller/less noticable. But if they remain after steaming, we can't do much due to possible discoloration of carpet, and I will not risk damaging a carpet.

These types of stains include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

  • Kool-Aid

  • Food dyes and coloring

  • Medicines

  • Cosmetics

  • Fruit juices (that deep color doesn’t come from the percent fruit juice content!)

  • Red wine

  • Juice (grape, cherry, etc)

  • Food coloring

  • Ketchup and other condiments

  • And more


They can be removed easier after we steam carpet, since the material will be softer, and owners can use a small wire brush to remove them. We don't do it since we charge a fair price, and removing paint/slime takes time, and we will hate to.charge more.

Also, keep in mind that areas with higher traffic might look darker than areas without traffic. Most common example is a bed/couch, once you move it, the area where the bed was might look new, since there was no walking on it. The area around bed/couch will have more normal wear and tear, specially if shoes were worn inside. There will be a noticable difference on these 2 areas after cleaning, not much we or any other company can do about fabric wear and tear. We work with what's provided, we can't magically fix the sands of time, but we can definitely make them look better, and clean!