Services & Prices



Industry standard gas powered truck mount unit with 22 horse power and a powerful extractor to expedite dry times. Prices include pre-spotting chemicals. No chemical residue left on your carpet, we make sure we extract everything. Green services also available at no extra cost.


1 Room $60 2 Rooms $60 3 Rooms $85 4 Rooms $110

5 Rooms $135 any addition rooms after 5 will be only $20.

Hallways $10-30 depending on size

Stairs $30


Same treatment as carpet for area rugs and oriental rugs. For hand made oriental rugs we don’t recommend using any chemicals, only steam, to prevent any damages.

Minimum price per any job is $60, but if you contracted any other service through us on the same date the prices below apply.

Small rug up to 2x3 $15 Medium up to 5x5 $20 Large up to 8x10 $30

Hand made oriental rugs need to be inspected in person for a quote.



Tile and Grout

Grout and tile take a beating and over time, the grout starts to turn dark due to grease from kitchen, dust that accumulates over time, foreign objects and dirt we bring in from outside, etc. We scrub the tile and grout with a solution to break down grease and dirt, then we steam and extract it, leaving it ready to be sealed by costumer if desired.


$.17 per square foot or $50 per standard sized room. ( Tile estimates are better given in person for large areas)




We steam clean upholstery such as couches, chairs, diner chairs, ottomans, etc.

Chair $35 Love seat $60 Sofa $70 2 piece sectional $100

3 piece sectional $130 Pillows are $6 each

Ottoman $35